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InstaPrivy wins the Quad City Quick Pitch Competition!

April 26, 2019 

InstaPrivy was entered into the 2019 Quad City Pitch competition where entrepreneurs quickly pitch their idea for five minutes to a panel of judges. We went up against 12 other companies and we won first place!  Shortly after, an article was written in the local newspaper about us winning the competition and we have gained even more prospective clients who also want their own InstaPrivy! Thank you Quad City! 


InstaPrivy Invited to Exhibit at SHOT Show 2019 Pop-Up Preview in Vegas!  

Wednesday, January 24th, 2019

InstaPrivy Made it into the SHOT Show!

IntaPrivy was invited to exhibit at the 2019 SHOT Show as part of the show's new Pop-Up Preview event.  It was a busy day at the booth with a lot of interest from Mom and Pop stores, a few wholesaler companies and lots of outdoor enthusiasts!  We even had interest from a large canadian wholesaler and an Australian company offering to help us get into major stores in Australia.  We really appreciated the offer and all of the feedback and positive comments from those who stopped by to visit!  

We also made some great manufacturer contacts for our Made in the USA line of InstaPrivies. 

We look forward to developing these new relationships and being back at the SHOT Show in 2020!

InstaPrivy, LLC Invited to Present at Citizen Corps Conference

April 21st, 2018

InstaPrivy, LLC was excited to participate in the 2018 Citizen Corps Conference in Southern Utah as a presenter and exhibitor to share the important value of the InstaPrivy for first responders and emergency response teams!  Thank you Citizen Corps for the important work that you do and for the opportunity to participate in your conference!  

InstaPrivy Successfully Funded on KickStarter!

August 24th, 2018

We launched our KickStarter Campaign on July 4th with a local parade entry and demos of the InstaPrivy the entire parade route.  We were greated with lots of cheer and positive comments from the crowd, we made some new friends and won an award! 

With the help of our awesome backers, our Kickstarter campaign closed successfully on August 23, 2018.  

We are busily working to get the product produced and delivered to our backers.  Once our backer obligations are filled, we will be ready to fullfill commercial orders.   

If you are interested in carrying the InstaPrivy in your store(s), please contact us to get things set up today!  

InstaPrivy wins Top 4 Honors at Veterans Business Battle at Rice University in Houston, TX!  

April 13, 2018

InstaPrivy placed in the Top 4 among 18 very competitive Veteran Business Battle Finalists who were selected from over 100 applicants.  Top 4 Finalists earned the chance to pitch again on day 2 of the event to a larger audience of Investors and attendees.  It was a great experience to be part of an amazing program with fellow Veteran entrepreneurs and a phenomenal group of patriotic Investors and volunteers providing funding and hope to motivated Veteran entrepreneurs hoping to turn thier dreams to reality. 

  Thank you, Veterans Business Battle, for the opportunity to compete in this awesome event!

If you are a Veteran Owned Start-Up or business, I strongly encourage you to apply for the Veteran Business Battle! 

Investors are also encouraged to contact VBB to participate in this great event.

Veterans Business Battle names InstaPrivy, LLC as one of 18 finalists for upcoming competition

April 03, 2018


Veterans Business Battle, now in its fourth year, gives veteran-owned businesses a chance to pitch their businesses to a panel of investors...

InstaPrivy, LLC Exhibiting at AUSA!

9-11 Oct 2017

InstaPrivy, LLC exhibited for the first time at the 2017 annual AUSA Conference and Expo.  We had a lot of interest and a lot of great feedback from attendees.  With the Washington DC Convention Center filled with the most advanced military weapons, vehicles and technology, we greatly appreciated the frequent comment: "This is my favorite product at the show!" This compliment was expressed by both male and female military personel...very cool!

We were also told the InstaPrivy was a great solution to solve some ongoing gender integration issues.

We greatly appreciated the interest in our InstaPrivy product and hope to supply the great women and men serving in our Nation's military with their own InstaPrivy very soon.  Thank you for all that you do! 

InstaPrivy is at Modern Day Marine!

Sept 23rd, 2017

Modern Day Marine was a success!  It was great to be around Marines again and to get their thoughts on the InstaPrivy. 

A Female Motor Transport Marine who frequently drives full day convoy ops where there is very seldom any privacy, said:  This is really a great product, we seriously need these on every Marine vehicle"

Two Recon Marines, who I admitedly thought would give me a hard time for my comfy portable toilet kit, said they just came back from a remote Op in a foreign country and they had to bag their waste and ship it out via helicopter every couple days for 3 months.  They said they would have been fighting over an InstaPrivy as that situation got very old, very quick!

I know I wish we I had an InstaPrivy when I was in and serving in 29 Palms, CA.  Ammo crates and MRE sleeves really did not work very well.   

Thank you for your feedback Marines!  Semper Fi!

Thank you PREPPER CON!

April 21-22

PREPPER CON was a great success for team InstaPrivy as the prepper community affirmed that we solved a need that seriously needed solving.  

It turns out that for Preppers; weight, size and functionality are essential considerations for every item they select for their bug out gear list.  The InstaPrivy was a huge hit for this crowd as it is the only truly portable, portable toilet and privacy kit that is designed for instant use and makes sense.  Whether sheltering in place in a disaster (without a working toilet) or on the move, the InstaPrivy provides privacy, decency and comfort for bathroom use or any other privacy need.  Survive and thrive with an InstaPrivy.  You will be glad you did!

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