Here's what people are saying about InstaPrivy

"The InstaPrivy is the perfect product for travelers...As soon as this product is in production, I will be the first customer. "
Kate Harrison, Canada

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to test the InstaPrivy. The InstaPrivy is by far the best product for that purpose I have ever used in the field. "
Mike Drury, Utah

"Some of the things we loved were the easy setup/takedown, the compact and lightweight size, having privacy in such a public place and the venting system. Can't wait to use it at future races, camping, and anywhere else no bathrooms are available! "  
Chavet Breslin & Team, California

"The InstaPrivy is maybe the product I loved most from the first season. Imagine you're at a major sporting event and waiting in line for a porta-potty. The lines can be really long and the porta-potties aren't always ideal, of course. The InstaPrivy is a portable toilet with a pretty sophisticated privacy shield."  
Dhani Jones, host of CNBC's "Adventure Capitalists"

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